Occupational safety and health

Our company maintains an above-standard level of occupational safety and health protection at all workplaces, as shown not only by the low incidence of accidents and cases of occupational illness and the ubiquitous use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by employees and safety signage throughout workplaces, but also by the positive results of ad-hoc checks made for substance abuse, and of compliance with the no smoking rule and the use of PPE by employees in managing positions. Third-party inspections consistently paint the same picture.

SMS a.s. ensures that all employees are thoroughly acquainted with the rules of occupational safety and safe working procedures. The company also issues the required PPE and carries our substance abuse checks. Ensuring the safety of employees, the protection of their health, as well as fire safety and environmental protection, are equal and integral components of the duties entrusted to managers at all levels of management.

We work in the construction industry and we work with people. The human factor may be unpredictable at times. In spite of constant inspections by the chief construction and site managers, project managers, safety engineers, the production-technical deputy of the production director, the Chief Production Executive and even the CEO, as well as third-party supervisory bodies, there are occasional breaches of the rules in place. These most often include negligence in the use of PPE, missing protective skirtboards, open worksite electrical switchboards, and uncovered drainage.

SMS a.s. has implemented all necessary safety and preventative measures in order to protect its employees’ health and safety in all work activities asked of them. The company also takes into account the necessary sequences of steps in construction processes, the possibility of stress caused by approaching deadlines, the parameters of employee remuneration as well as the need for breaks to regenerate both physical and mental powers. All aspects of work within the company are designed, implemented, maintained and evaluated with careful consideration of employees’ occupational safety and health in order to eliminate risks and possible negative impacts of work activities.


We consider it imperative that all our employees return to their homes safe and sound. That is why we strive to ensure that they have the best and safest possible working conditions.

All companies of the VINCI Construction CS group perform their respective activities in full compliance with all relevant legal requirements. The safety standards in place apply not only to us and our employees but also to all our partners and colleagues at our construction sites.

Thank you for adhering to them at all times!

Our company sets new OSH targets for each year. All targets are carefully evaluated afterwards. Every year, we join other VINCI Group members for the VINCI Group International week of OSH. The week is dedicated to extra, interactive training sessions, OSH reviews and the collection of feedback from employees.

We welcome and appreciate all suggestions that lead to improvements and increased occupational safety. That is why we appeal to all employees, partners and suppliers to actively contribute to improving and maintaining occupational safety with a better utilisation of available resources and equipment.

Essential OSH documents