Road I/66, Brezno ring road, phase II, section I

The construction is a continuation of the project I/66 Brezno – bypass, I. stage, implemented with a length of 2.542 km, which starts on the existing road I/66 heading from Banská Bystrica to Brezno and is situated in the area, or in the corridor between the premises of the former Mostárne Brezno and the existing railway line, where the Mazorníkovo roundabout was connected to road II/529 and serves for the completion of another part of the bypass of the city of Brezno.

Základné informácie:
Názov stavby: I/66 Brezno – obchvat, II. etapa, I. úsek
Objednávateľ: Slovenská správa ciest
Investor: Slovenská správa ciest
Zhotoviteľ: Združenie SMS VIAKORP Brezno obchvat
Miesto realizácie: Brezno, Banskobystrický kraj
Obdobie realizácie: 09/2020 – 03/2023